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A week in my life. My thoughts and observations. New York City, January 2011. NYC State of Mind from Suzanne Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.

The media organizations of today are generating more digital video content than ever before. Increasingly, since the rise in established user-generated content and cloud-based computing models, the digital content business has been focused on producing video-based content alongside text-based content. This trend is rapidly becoming standard operating procedure for many media organizations and will continue […]

Over winter break, I plan on implementing my new website design. Inspired by my new life in NYC, and the beautiful Brooklyn cityscape and skyline view from the rooftop of my brownstone, I want to design my personal website using one of my own sketches made in Processing. I coded this sketch back in September […]

As a bit of comic relief during finals week at ITP, my teammate, Avery Max, and I decided to do an animation and lyrics re-interpretation of our favorite karoke fail on YouTube. The original song and music video “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey is one of my favorites, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity […]

The Aperture


The Aperture is a short film produced by our student group from ITP (Avery Max, Jennifer Ho, Ginny Hung, Alvin Chang, and myself), and starring Alex Dodge and Jennifer Donohue. The Aperture tells the story of a man who lives inside a photo booth and operates the machine. He leads a secluded hum-drum life, never […]

Here’s the trailer for our upcoming film The Aperture. Watch The Aperture trailer: Read more about our team’s storyboarding process in last week’s blog post.



Our assignment for this week is to explore the art of storyboarding and the function and use of storyboards, and then to create our own storyboards in preparation for our 3 week video shoot. As background for this assignment, we read Steven Katz’s “Film Directing Shot by Shot” chapter 3 on storyboards. I’ve used storyboarding […]

Our assignment was to create a 1-2 minute sound piece in any environment, telling a story through sound. On my commute to school one day, I recorded a slack guitar artist in the F train subway station. He was singing the lyrics to a traditional folk song called “Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane“. I […]

Spike Fruit


In Processing, I experimented with digital imaging and the pointillism effect where an image is slowly created through the compilation of many points, or dots, on the screen. I used a photo from my honeymoon in Barbados that I took when I visited the Andromeda Botanical Gardens. Here is the original photo: In code, I […]

A stop motion film created by Gabriella Levine and Suzanne Kirkpatrick. Animals Play Piano from Suzanne Kirkpatrick on Vimeo. “Animals Play Piano” is the story of Brigitte The Bear and her friends from the animal kingdom, mammalian and reptilian, who set out on an adventure together in the music parlor. Featuring Brigitte The Bear, with […]