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I built and tested a GPS receiver with Natalie Be’er for our Wildlife Tracking class. Each team in our class was assigned a different module to test, so that we could compare the reliability and performance of each GPS module. GR10/MN1010 GPS Module Operating Characteristics * Typical current is 35 mA, maximum current is 40 […]

For our “Wildlife Observation and Monkey Tracking” class, we played hide-n-seek in the Washington Square Park area with a radio receiver, Yagi-Uda antenna, and 3 radio collars. We split into 4 groups (3 hiders and 1 seeker group), and set a time constraint of 30 minutes to see how fast the seeker could detect and […]

Our final project Channels was featured at the ITP Winter Show 2010 this past week. We had a great space for our installation in the front room to the left of the elevators. Roughly 2,000 visitors came to the show. People of all ages visited our installation and sat in our boat, and we were […]



Experience the serenity of nature by moving through scenes of glassy water and early morning mists, as you make your way across a water channel. “Channels” is a full-body immersion installation in which you can navigate through a virtual water scene by physically interacting with tanks of water. Sit in a boat and experience being […]

Our team has made a lot of progress on the virtual interface and interactive controls for our project in Processing. We converted Alvin’s original sketch from 2D to 3D using OpenGL (Open Graphics Library), which allows us to draw a 3 dimensional scene from our 2D primitive graphics. This effect works fairly well, especially if […]

This weekend we collected the materials and sensors for our Channels installation. Ginny, Alvin, and I piled into my Subaru wagon and spent a couple of hours scouting materials and testing structures in the Lowes shopping aisles. Once we saw the range of materials available, we were able to firm up our construction design, which […]

A two-day exhibition of recent works by the students of ITP ITP Winter Show 2010 Sunday, December 19 from 2 to 6 PM Monday, December 20 from 5 to 9 PM Interactive Telecommunications Program Kanbar Institute of Film and Television Tisch School of the Arts New York University 721 Broadway, 4th Floor, South Elevators New […]

Background I’m interested in the technical concept of full-body immersion and motion-based virtual worlds, and I know that I’d like to explore this challenge for my physical computing final project. I had considered pursuing a full-body burqa wearing experience as my final project installation with immersive video and audio, however I think that is an […]

I lived in Kabul, Afghanistan for a year from 2005 – 2006. I worked for UNDP-Afghanistan on ICT capacity building. While I was living in Afghanistan and when I returned to the United States, many people would ask me questions about my experience living in a Muslim country: Did you wear a head scarf, Did […]

Power Plant


A living plant is a natural thing that we humans can nurture and grow, and which oftentimes evokes a feeling of personal attachment. We carefully plant the seed and tend to it with care. We water the plant, and give the plant food and light. We watch it grow over time, and we take pleasure […]