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For our Big Games class, my group is going to build an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that presents an unfolding narrative told through fragmented video and hidden puzzles on the web. Our ARG encourages crowdsourcing techniques among players to inspire them to help a fictional character solve a serial murder case wrapped up in a […]

I am a Graduate Researcher at NYU-Polytechnic’s Social Game Lab, where we design and develop digital games and research the emotional and social effects of gaming. Currently, I am leading the user experience and user interface design team for a cooperative multiplayer game on the iPhone, using human-computer interaction (HCI) techniques and methods to determine […]

Our final project Channels was featured at the ITP Winter Show 2010 this past week. We had a great space for our installation in the front room to the left of the elevators. Roughly 2,000 visitors came to the show. People of all ages visited our installation and sat in our boat, and we were […]

I love Old West Shoot ’em Up games, and I wanted to create a way for people to test their quick draw shooting skills with toy pistols, so I built an interactive game called “The Quick and The Dead — Fastest Draw in The West” using the Arduino and some Processing code. GAME There are […]

Halo: Reach


“Dude, it’s epic,” is actually and precisely true, in this case.  The new ‘Halo: Reach’ video game just released this week is a national epic of sorts.  My husband and I are big fans of the Halo series, and we can’t wait to experience this next game addition. This WSJ article about ‘Halo’ caught my […]