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Primate Biologist, Tony DiFiore, tracks monkeys in the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador. At present, he is using the Telemetry Solutions RS 4000 GPS collars to track the monkeys’ locations at specific times during the day / night. The biggest difficulty regarding the retrieval of GPS data from these collars at present is finding the […]

Our final project Channels was featured at the ITP Winter Show 2010 this past week. We had a great space for our installation in the front room to the left of the elevators. Roughly 2,000 visitors came to the show. People of all ages visited our installation and sat in our boat, and we were […]



Experience the serenity of nature by moving through scenes of glassy water and early morning mists, as you make your way across a water channel. “Channels” is a full-body immersion installation in which you can navigate through a virtual water scene by physically interacting with tanks of water. Sit in a boat and experience being […]

Our team has made a lot of progress on the virtual interface and interactive controls for our project in Processing. We converted Alvin’s original sketch from 2D to 3D using OpenGL (Open Graphics Library), which allows us to draw a 3 dimensional scene from our 2D primitive graphics. This effect works fairly well, especially if […]

I wanted to create a design in Processing using images that look like old style photos from a photo booth, and combine these images with recorded video and live video capture. I’m interested in the notion of the passage of time and images, for example when you see a photo or a recorded video, you […]

Background I’m interested in the technical concept of full-body immersion and motion-based virtual worlds, and I know that I’d like to explore this challenge for my physical computing final project. I had considered pursuing a full-body burqa wearing experience as my final project installation with immersive video and audio, however I think that is an […]

Power Plant


A living plant is a natural thing that we humans can nurture and grow, and which oftentimes evokes a feeling of personal attachment. We carefully plant the seed and tend to it with care. We water the plant, and give the plant food and light. We watch it grow over time, and we take pleasure […]

Spike Fruit


In Processing, I experimented with digital imaging and the pointillism effect where an image is slowly created through the compilation of many points, or dots, on the screen. I used a photo from my honeymoon in Barbados that I took when I visited the Andromeda Botanical Gardens. Here is the original photo: In code, I […]

Pea Patch


I like community gardening spaces in urban environments, and I think it’s an interesting idea to mesh with technology. In particular, I love the notion of a community building something together, over time, that grows and changes on its own to a certain extent, but is ultimately shaped and manipulated by the gardeners themselves. A […]

I hooked up a force-sensing resistor to a breadboard and Arduino in analog pin 0. I programmed the Arduino to read the analog input data in bytes, which sends out the raw binary value of the byte in ASCII characters. This form of output looks like mumbo-jumbo gibberish in the microcontroller’s serial monitor, however when […]