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We brought Yamove to IndieCade 2012 this week in Los Angeles. For those of you who might not know, IndieCade is an International Festival of Independent Games, and it’s known as the only stand-alone game festival in the nation — sort of akin to Sundance for films. Our b-boy style dance battle game, Yamove, was […]

All of our playtesting and months of refinement paid off. Yamove was finally launched last month at this year’s third annual NYU “No Quarter” gaming exhibit on May 18th and at the World Science Festival in New York City on June 2nd. People loved the dance-off battle aspect of the game and the way the […]



This week’s study in our Da Vinci class is about robotics and automata. Our assignment is to create a robot or automata, give it a name, and describe its features. For this piece, I was inspired by the class of insects that take on the shape and form of sticks and leaves, commonly known as […]



This week we studied the Da Vinci themes of optics and light. We looked at several artists who work with light, such as Dan Flavin and James Turrell. We were invited to go to PS.1 in Long Island City to see James Turrell’s long-term installation: The Meeting. Our assignment was to make a pencil and […]



In our Da Vinci class, we studied geometry, symmetry, and folds this week. We also watched the PBS documentary film, “Between the Folds” about the art and making of origami paper folding. In Grand Central Station, I saw a ball gown in a store front made from paper. It was beautiful, especially the rosettes. This […]

Synthetic Fetus


This week’s focus is anatomy. Da Vinci cut open cadavres and made incredibly sophisticated drawings of human anatomy, and this is one of my favorite areas of his work to study. Our assignment: Study the artist Sterlarc and his practice. Inspired by his statement, “We are in the age of the cadaver, the comatose and […]

For Da Vinci class, we had to replicate the Study of “Design for Chariots and War Weapons” by Leonardo Da Vinci c. 1485, The Royal Collection. His drawing of horses in movement are amazing. Materials for this work include pencil, ruler, dip pen, sepia color ink, round watercolor brush, and watercolor paper.

I’m taking a class studying Leonardo Da Vinci, in which we try to tap into the polymath mind of the genius artist-engineer. His 7000 pages organized in codices serve as a creative framework to survey contemporary digital art. Throughout the course, we review digital art practices in the areas of his study and his inventions […]

For my final project in Video Sculpture class, I made a miniature 3D display top for the iPhone, using the illusionary technique of the Pepper’s Ghost Effect. I wanted to recreate the feeling as a kid when you catch fireflies in a jar, or bugs in a box, and you wish you could carry those […]

I saw Talk to Me, a new exhibit that opened this summer at the Museum of Modern Art, exploring “Design and the Communication between People and Objects”. I was expecting the exhibit to be more focused on interactive media and human-computer interaction design, but actually I discovered that it is about more than good interface […]