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In the realm of interface design, how should web interfaces be colored, spaced, formatted, accessed, ordered, architected, and what sort of content should be where and why. Our class did an Interface Design Roundup to collect a set of useful digital design tips. Here are some tips that I’ve found useful in my work over […]

We should create designs that are appropriate to the audience, the location, and the purpose. This means that a product or service should take on a different appearance, different modes of operation, depending upon its intended function. Donald Norman talks about this idea in his book, Emotional Design, which is more of a study of […]

In his book, How We Decide, Jonah Lehrer explains how our brain makes decisions and learns from mistakes, and how we can “feel” intrinsically rewarded by getting what we thought we would get. It all happens through neuron dopamine receptors in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), the part of our brain involved in the detection […]



We designed a light sculpture, called Pandora, inspired by the Italian Futurist and Cubist art movements. The Futurists were obsessed with speed, technology, machines, cities, and industrialization, and our light sculpture echoes these themes: rapidly changing flares and shadows, pieces broken up and reassembled, with a lot of geometric movement. My partner, Thitiphong Luangaroonlerd, and […]

Retroreflective Burqa was featured at the ITP Spring Show 2011 a few weeks ago. We had a great stream of people lining up to learn more about the strange looking blue & silver cape. I got a lot of great feedback from people, primarily asking when we were planning to field test the design, and […]

The Retroreflective Burqa offers a new, alternative design choice to the traditional Afghan burqa garment – a look that is safe, functional, and fashionable. Description The Retroreflective Burqa project aims to empower burqa-wearing women by making carefully selected design changes and low-cost improvements to the traditional Afghan burqa, within the bounds of Sharia law, rendering […]

The “making” process involved several phases, including selecting the kind of fabrics I wanted to use, drafting measurements from the original garment, creating a mockup of the product, sewing everything together, and finally decorating the garment with reflective materials. I went to Mood Fabrics store in New York City’s famous garment district to find fabric. […]

I decided to weave my own face mesh material for my burqa garment using 1/23″ wide retroreflective strips. The strips are flat, and very flexible and supple, so they are easy to manipulate and weave together. And I think this material will not be abrasive against people’s faces when they are wearing the burqa. The […]

I’ve firmed up my design plans for the Retroreflective Burqa. I’m going to use three panels for the back cape, with one solid panel in the middle, and two (or four) silver pleated triangular inserts in each side. This way, the silver pleated fabric will hang closed when the women is not moving, and will […]

For my burqa project, I wanted to understand the significance of the color blue in Islamic tradition, since it is the most common color of burqa worn by women in Afghanistan. It is not a coincidence that mosques are well-known for their beautiful blue tiles and mosaics, and that the Afghan burqa is also a […]