Retroreflective Burqa was featured at the ITP Spring Show 2011 a few weeks ago. We had a great stream of people lining up to learn more about the strange looking blue & silver cape.

Source: Inhabitat NYC

I got a lot of great feedback from people, primarily asking when we were planning to field test the design, and when we were hoping to manufacture more of these garments! It was great to have such a diverse group of people interested in learning about the issues of veiling and garment design. Men and women wanted to try it on.

The Retroreflective Burqa was picked up by Inhabitat New York City in an article about the “Best Green Designs from the NYU ITP 2011 Spring Student Show.”

The design magazine, Core 77, featured the Retroreflective Burqa in its beautiful gallery from the ITP Spring Show.

Many people were interested in learning more, and sharing about the project with their friends. Chinita Nomada wrote a blog post about her experience seeing the Retroreflective Burqa at the show, and Shehab Hamad posted nice photos on a Flickr stream.

Thanks for coming out to the show!

Read about the inspiration for this project in these blog posts:

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3. Why Blue Color?
4. Sewing Pattern
5. Face Mesh Weaving
6. Fashion Hacking the Afghan Burqa

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