I demoed Commons at the New York Tech Meetup (NYTM) in November at the 92ndY.  NYTM is a monthly gathering of the NY Tech community, mostly comprised of folks from the startup scene, including developers, investors, entrepreneurs, hackers, founders, etc.  The theme for this month’s meetup featured innovative ideas originating at NY universities. The 700 house seats were sold out for our demos.

Here’s the video, go to 2:00 minute mark for my presentation:

NYTech Meetup November 2, 2011 from NY Tech Meetup on Vimeo.

Forbes published a piece on the event, and featured my project:

I opened the demo with a quick look at the current NYC 311 mobile app and talked about how it’s user experience is really limited in terms of offering a way for people to track their reports, bringing people back to the app on a daily basis, and delighting users. Then I spent about 4 minutes showing the Commons app, talking about the importance of making citizen reporting more social. Afterwards, we had a brief Q&A on stage which was great.

Some of the NYTM tweets I got from attendees were pretty funny, including the guy who made the NYC 311 app. He said “I made the NYC 311 app, and I agree that it’s pretty frikkin boring!” Sort of hilarious.

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