I’m taking a class studying Leonardo Da Vinci, in which we try to tap into the polymath mind of the genius artist-engineer. His 7000 pages organized in codices serve as a creative framework to survey contemporary digital art. Throughout the course, we review digital art practices in the areas of his study and his inventions of warfare, flight, anatomy, robotic, geometry, architecture, painting and more, and we focus on exercising our own capacity to invent.

This week I invented a micro flame torch based on organic and non-organic forms. In particular, I was interested in the form of the bellows, a method for delivering air or gas in a controlled quantity, using the shape of the human lung and rib cage.

Our assignment:

Select three (or more) elements from Da Vinci drawings and one photograph of a tool of your choice, collage them together in Photoshop and then draw them onto paper, first in pencil and then ink. Integrate text into your drawing: text that explains your design and sites the source images from da vinci; text that inspires. Your goal is to make a completely seamless drawing.

Materials for this work include pencil, ruler, dip pen, sepia color ink, round watercolor brush, and watercolor paper.

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