Synthetic Fetus


This week’s focus is anatomy. Da Vinci cut open cadavres and made incredibly sophisticated drawings of human anatomy, and this is one of my favorite areas of his work to study.

Our assignment:

Study the artist Sterlarc and his practice. Inspired by his statement, “We are in the age of the cadaver, the comatose and the chimera,” invent an extension/project for him: Invent the technology and the science. Combine mechanical and organic forms. Show different angles. Integrate him into the drawing. Complete and compliment with text.

Using the form of the human fetus, I made a mechanical extension of a 22 week old fetus for Stelarc to wear on the exterior of his body. This would not seem strange to you if you knew that in 2007, Stelarc had a cell-cultivated ear surgically implanted in his left arm. With that said, I believe this synthetic fetus seems like a device that he would actually wear.

Stelarc close-up:

Drawing process: Start with pencil, then with the brush with different degrees of water define the light and shadowy areas, then finish with ink.

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