We brought Yamove to IndieCade 2012 this week in Los Angeles. For those of you who might not know, IndieCade is an International Festival of Independent Games, and it’s known as the only stand-alone game festival in the nation — sort of akin to Sundance for films. Our b-boy style dance battle game, Yamove, was selected as an IndieCade 2012 official finalist this year! Finalist nominees were determined by an international jury from all 2012 submissions, and were eligible for nine different awards, including the Audience Choice Award and the Game Maker’s Choice Award.

It was a good year at IndieCade for the New York City gaming community, showcasing several finalists and a 2012 Official Selection, including games made by the NYU Game Center Faculty, MFA and undergraduate students, games made for No Quarter and at Global Game Jam site, and more entries from throughout the NYC scene.

Yamove was also a featured game at the NYU “No Quarter” exhibition in 2012, and at the 2012 World Science Festival in New York City. The research behind Yamove will be presented in a keynote at MobileHCI in September 2012.

Yamove! is a b-boy style dance battle game that uses tech to augment face-to-face dancing. Players compete in pairs, aiming for high intensity, in-synch, diverse dance routines. Each player wears an iOS device strapped to his/her forearm, and teams compete in 3 rounds. The game is hosted by an MC and results are displayed on a big screen. Scoring is based on accelerometer data from the devices. The experience is more socially engaging than the current console-based dance games, because players face off and the crowd forms more naturally around them and the MC. The game was inspired by research that shows how being physically ‘in synch’ brings people together emotionally and builds trust.

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