I made my first sketch using Processing. I created an image called “Cityscapes” using 2D shapes, like line( ), point( ), rect( ), triangle( ), etc. This exercise really helped me learn the importance of order in code, because the form of the shapes can change depending on the order in which you make them appear in the lines of code.

brown skyline

Using a coordinate system, I created two different city skylines, one in brown and one in metal blue.

metal blue skyline

Here is the final sketch in Processing, and you can check out the source code:

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  1. 1 K


    I love this image. and would love to use it or something similar as a flyer for an event at my church.
    Would you allow this and what acknowledgement would you want if so?


  2. 2 suzkita

    Hi Kyana, thanks so much for your note. If you’d like to use my design in your flyers, you can give credit by adding my name “Suzanne Kirkpatrick”, and if you like, my Twitter handle @suzkita. Thanks!

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