Fashion Hacking


The artist, architect, and poet, Vito Acconci, came to speak to our ITP class.

Wow. This guy is a legend.

I was selected to be part of a group whose assignment was to present our collective reaction to Vito Acconci in 30 minutes. For our assignment, we designed a fashion hacking performance and interactive contest. We asked each student to bring in an object that he/she would be willing to part with. For the performance, our 4-person team made a Vito Acconci hack in under 5 minutes using random objects brought by students in the class; we took concepts from his works and person and displayed them on stage:

a sense of the contradictory and the in-between,
the idea of self-control and surrender,
the embodiment of pure performance – architecture as performance – reaction as performance – fashion as performance,
and finally, the notion of competition as a driving force for artistic creation.

Vito Acconci hack

For the interactive fashion hacking contest, we divided the class into 30 groups of 4 people and let them make their own mash-ups using the random objects that they brought into class that day.

Student fashion hack

The groups came up with really creative art in under 5 minutes. The room was a flurry of movement and color. But some were very still.

Student model

Tape and scissors are your best friends.

Tape is your best friend.

At the end of our time, we asked all of the models to ‘strike a pose’ on stage.

Strike a pose.

Strike a pose.

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