Spike Fruit


In Processing, I experimented with digital imaging and the pointillism effect where an image is slowly created through the compilation of many points, or dots, on the screen. I used a photo from my honeymoon in Barbados that I took when I visited the Andromeda Botanical Gardens. Here is the original photo:spike fruit
In code, I made the points size 9 so that the image would slowly “pointillize” and come into focus after about 30 minutes. As this effect was happening, I recorded it as a time lapse, and then sped up the entire effect in iMovie for a final duration of 3 minutes.

Here is the video:

Spike Fruit – Pointillism from Suzanne Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.

My code:

/* Spike Fruit
   Barbados Andromeda Botanical Garden

   October 20, 2010
   By Suzanne Kirkpatrick

PImage img;
int pointillize = 9;

void setup() {
  // Make a new instance of a PImage by loading an image file
  img = loadImage("IMG_2979 2.JPG");

void draw() {
  //Pick a random point to start
  int x = int(random(img.width));
  int y = int(random(img.height));
  int location = x + y * img.width;

  //Get RGB xolors from original image
  float r = red(img.pixels[location]);
  float g = green(img.pixels[location]);
  float b = blue(img.pixels[location]);

  // Take the color from a pixel and draw a circle


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