Our assignment for this week is to explore the art of storyboarding and the function and use of storyboards, and then to create our own storyboards in preparation for our 3 week video shoot. As background for this assignment, we read Steven Katz’s “Film Directing Shot by Shot” chapter 3 on storyboards.

I’ve used storyboarding in the past for my creative projects, like film making and user interaction designs, so I’m familiar with the technique and the function of storyboards. In my experience, storyboards help you develop your narrative and content by bringing together multiple ideas and viewpoints into one consistent voice. In addition, I believe that the act of storyboarding allows you to develop your ideas in real-time and make the connections between scenes that otherwise you might not have realized when imagining the flow in your head. I enjoy storyboarding because it gives me a creative outlet to “plan” my projects without feeling limited to materials and resources or restricted by physical constraints. Storyboards allow me the opportunity to dream and to build a narrative with an open mind.

In terms of a project’s technical development, Steven Katz underscores the importance of storyboards for structuring, staging, and the composition of shots and sequences. Katz says that storyboards are really helpful for communicating the technical requirements of the scene to the film crew, and in some cases, for aligning notes and dialogue with particular scenes and timing sequences in order to capture what the creative director has in mind.

In preparation for our video shoot, our team came together on a Friday to brainstorm ideas and develop a narrative for our short film. The six of us spent 8 hours together discussing story lines, what-ifs, and crazy plots. Through it all, we came up with a brilliant idea that was, in part, developed by each and every one of us.

Here’s a glimpse at our storyboards:storyboard sample

Read more about the making of our film here.

Watch The Aperture trailer.

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