The Aperture


The Aperture is a short film produced by our student group from ITP (Avery Max, Jennifer Ho, Ginny Hung, Alvin Chang, and myself), and starring Alex Dodge and Jennifer Donohue.

The Aperture tells the story of a man who lives inside a photo booth and operates the machine. He leads a secluded hum-drum life, never entering the outside world. One day, he sees a lovely girl who comes to the photo booth and he wants to get her attention, but he does not know how to communicate to her that he is a human behind the machine. In time, he is able to show her how he sees her through his own eyes. And through these acts of opening himself up to her, we witness his becoming more human.

The Aperture

07:14 HD

I thought our film crew of 6 persons worked very well together and was the right amount of people for the job. I don’t think we really could have pulled off such a polished production to the level of detail and professionalism that we did, had we not been a mix of so many diverse perspectives and talents. Our project required a lot of skill sets and forced everyone to wear a lot of different hats — everything from ideation/brainstorming, storyboarding/drawing, finding/recruiting talent, scouting locations, building sets, finding props, securing equipment, selecting wardrobe, script supervising, lighting, photography/camera, directing actors, artistic direction, graphic art in Photoshop, managing expenses, editing / post production, music / audio, and animal wrangling!!!! And I think the process of refinement that we went through for each phase of the project (going through several levels of group voting and approvals) is a very important lesson for all of us that mirrors what really happens in the professional world. I’m very proud of the work that we did together, and would gladly work with these team members again.

Read more about our team’s storyboarding process in last week’s blog post.

Watch The Aperture trailer:

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