Over winter break, I plan on implementing my new website design. Inspired by my new life in NYC, and the beautiful Brooklyn cityscape and skyline view from the rooftop of my brownstone, I want to design my personal website using one of my own sketches made in Processing. my new website design I coded this sketch back in September when I first started ITP, so I think it is fitting that I use it to launch my new and improved website. I like the minimalistic style, with transparent / white background, and subdued colors. I may, however, decide to go bright orange with my cityscapes background, as I did in my animated sketch when I made the sun rise.

To prepare for my new website redesign, I also bought myself virtual private server space on DreamHost.com, and I am very happy about that, too.

While at ITP, I look forward to diving deeper into PHP and HTML so that I can build a working website for myself that embodies what I am doing in my work and personal life.

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