I am a Graduate Researcher at NYU-Polytechnic’s Social Game Lab, where we design and develop digital games and research the emotional and social effects of gaming.

Currently, I am leading the user experience and user interface design team for a cooperative multiplayer game on the iPhone, using human-computer interaction (HCI) techniques and methods to determine a social badging system for the application, under the direction of Dr. Katherine Isbister and in affiliation with Yahoo! Research. I’m also a member of the user experience design team for a Kinect math game targeted at pre-adolescent youth. I’m working on a theme-based GUI, logo, and text and objects in UNITY 3D.

Last week, I organized usability testing for Move It!, a multiplayer cooperative motion-tracking game, at a play testing event in Chelsea, hosted by Eyebeam Art & Technology Center and Come Out & Play. Our developer team is helping to optimize the app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and introduce more social features to the user experience.

We had 14 users play test the game, a good mix of men and women and balanced pairs of people who were friends and strangers. We received excellent reviews of the game play, and useful feedback about the game mechanics, in particular the scoring and leveling.

See a photo of our play test on the Come Out & Play + Eyebeam website.

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