I’ve firmed up my design plans for the Retroreflective Burqa. I’m going to use three panels for the back cape, with one solid panel in the middle, and two (or four) silver pleated triangular inserts in each side. This way, the silver pleated fabric will hang closed when the women is not moving, and will open and billow and expand when the women is in motion. I hope this design will give some emotive capabilities to the garment, and also modernize the cape form. I also want to add retroreflective strips around the top of the crown.

Burqa silver inserts expanded

As far as finding a pattern is concerned, well, I wouldn’t say that it’s been easy finding a suitable burqa pattern online. The best diagram I could find is shown here, but it lacks measurements:

Burqa Sewing Pattern

In terms of dimensions and measurements in inches, I found some approximate dimensions: 34″ long in front X 28″ across x 60″ long in the back. Cap and crown measures approximately 24″ outside circumference.

I also have my own burqa garment which I am going to use to collect more accurate measurements. Hopefully, with all of these sources, I can make a basic pattern from which to sew.

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4 Responses to “Burqa Sewing Pattern”  

  1. 1 Iman

    I live in Russia and the burka is my dream) I am very grateful to you for your work and the pattern. This is wonderful! I was looking for it everywhere. But I am going to change the pattern, that the face be open. Our country is hard to go with the face covered, especially in the classic Afghan burqa. Sorry for the mistakes in my English … Thanks again

  2. 2 suzkita

    It would be very interesting to see your design with an open face. Please share it!

  3. 3 Jennye Blain

    Thanks for sharing your design, I am going to try to use it, and would love to see your results! :)

  4. 4 suzkita

    Terrific, let me know how your pattern sewing goes and any enhancements you might discover along the way!

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