Commons is a mobile, social platform for urban communities to improve their city. With Commons, compete to do good, while problems in your city get fixed.


Navigate through a 3D virtual water scene by physically paddling in buckets of water. Experience the serenity of nature by moving through scenes of glassy water and early morning mists, as you make your way across a water channel.

Retroreflective Burqa

A look that is safe, functional, and fashionable. Empowering burqa-wearing women by making subtle design changes and low-cost improvements to the traditional Afghan burqa to make the garment more versatile, functional, and potentially more emotive, and providing an alternative choice to the current design.


A cooperative dance-off game in the style of a street dance battle.

The Aperture

Short film about a man who lives inside a photo booth and operates the machine.

Fastest Draw in The West

Old West Shoot ’em Game with toy pistols, tilt and push-button switches, and the Arduino. See how fast you can draw and fire!

Mobile Monkey Mesh

Asynchronous mobile data mesh network and communications protocol for monkey radio collars that helps primate biologists collect GPS data from monkeys in the Amazon rainforest.


A Kinect-based game for middle schoolers that aims to reduce math anxiety through broad game-play movement that puts players into ‘power poses’.

À Table!

Wine bottle and trivet switch using digital input and output with an Arduino microcontroller.

Dehyration Sensor Bands

Topical sensors embedded in a rubberized wrist band that could measure a person’s level of hydration.

Animals Play Piano

A stop motion film, 1 minute length.

Power Plant

Fiber optic plant that grows when you plant a seed, give it light, and water it.


A tranquil scene. Sketch and animation programmed in Processing language.