I hooked up a force-sensitive resistor with a 10k ohm resistor as my analog input, and a RC servo motor to a breadboard and Arduino microcontroller to see how analog input can control a servo motor. This was a really fun lab. The FSR sensor returned a range of values 0 to 800, but when […]

In the previous labs, I used a switch (on or off) to make a digital circuit. In this lab, I am using two different kinds of variable resistors (potentiometer and force sensor resistor) to make analog inputs which reflect continuous changes in the circuit. First, I took my microcontroller and breadboard and wired a potentiometer […]

I downloaded and installed the open-source Arduino software for my Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328 USB board, and set up my breadboard with a switch (digital input) and two LEDs (digital outputs), and some resistors. I used a 10-ohm resistor for the switch, and 220-ohm resistors for my yellow and red LEDs. Using code from the lab […]