I saw Talk to Me, a new exhibit that opened this summer at the Museum of Modern Art, exploring “Design and the Communication between People and Objects”. I was expecting the exhibit to be more focused on interactive media and human-computer interaction design, but actually I discovered that it is about more than good interface […]

Light Sculpture


Our first lecture in Video Sculpture focused on the importance of light as a medium in 20th and 21st century art. We briefly looked at some examples of Renaissance and Luminism art, and the visual effects of light and color, and we discussed the physics of light, and the physiological and psychological effects of color […]

Fashion Hacking


The artist, architect, and poet, Vito Acconci, came to speak to our ITP class. Wow. This guy is a legend. I was selected to be part of a group whose assignment was to present our collective reaction to Vito Acconci in 30 minutes. For our assignment, we designed a fashion hacking performance and interactive contest. […]