I hooked up two photocell sensors and a piezo speaker to my breadboard and arduino to test analog input and tone output. First, I needed to find the maximum and minimum sensor values in order to map the range to the speaker’s pitch range. To do this, I asked the microcontroller to read the values […]

In this lab, I explored the properties of electricity with a digital multimeter. CONTINUITY – Measuring Continuity I turned my multimeter dial to the continuity mark in order to measure the continuity between two points on a switch. When the switch is open, there is no continuity because there is no electricity flow. When the […]

I grabbed my new solderless breadboard and mounted a 5v voltage regulator on the top row, along with some red and black wires that I pushed into the power and ground rows on the breadboard. The breadboard is a great tool for hooking up components, but it takes some practice learning how to judge the […]