Over winter break, I plan on implementing my new website design. Inspired by my new life in NYC, and the beautiful Brooklyn cityscape and skyline view from the rooftop of my brownstone, I want to design my personal website using one of my own sketches made in Processing. I coded this sketch back in September […]

I’ve incorporated loops, local variables, and more booleans into my animation of Cityscapes. Specifically, I used a while loop and local variables in the draw() block to build rows of yellow windows in the tall brown building, and I used boolean statements to trigger a change from one state to the other, e.g. “go from […]

After I created my 2D image of Cityscapes, I incorporated the use of variables and conditionals in my code to make the sketch more dynamic.  For example, I made the sky change color and darken, as if nightfall had descended, and I made snowflakes fall at random during night time.  I wrote a boolean statement […]

I made my first sketch using Processing. I created an image called “Cityscapes” using 2D shapes, like line( ), point( ), rect( ), triangle( ), etc. This exercise really helped me learn the importance of order in code, because the form of the shapes can change depending on the order in which you make them […]