I wanted to create a design in Processing using images that look like old style photos from a photo booth, and combine these images with recorded video and live video capture. I’m interested in the notion of the passage of time and images, for example when you see a photo or a recorded video, you […]

The Aperture


The Aperture is a short film produced by our student group from ITP (Avery Max, Jennifer Ho, Ginny Hung, Alvin Chang, and myself), and starring Alex Dodge and Jennifer Donohue. The Aperture tells the story of a man who lives inside a photo booth and operates the machine. He leads a secluded hum-drum life, never […]

Here’s the trailer for our upcoming film The Aperture. Watch The Aperture trailer: Read more about our team’s storyboarding process in last week’s blog post.



Our assignment for this week is to explore the art of storyboarding and the function and use of storyboards, and then to create our own storyboards in preparation for our 3 week video shoot. As background for this assignment, we read Steven Katz’s “Film Directing Shot by Shot” chapter 3 on storyboards. I’ve used storyboarding […]

A stop motion film created by Gabriella Levine and Suzanne Kirkpatrick. Animals Play Piano from Suzanne Kirkpatrick on Vimeo. “Animals Play Piano” is the story of Brigitte The Bear and her friends from the animal kingdom, mammalian and reptilian, who set out on an adventure together in the music parlor. Featuring Brigitte The Bear, with […]