Primate Biologist, Tony DiFiore, tracks monkeys in the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador. At present, he is using the Telemetry Solutions RS 4000 GPS collars to track the monkeys’ locations at specific times during the day / night. The biggest difficulty regarding the retrieval of GPS data from these collars at present is finding the […]

By their very nature, monkeys are incredibly mobile. They are a self-organizing network. They are the perfect self-forming “mobile nodes”. How can we design according to wildlife constraints, and use these constraints to our advantage? I’ve been thinking lately about how to use monkeys’ natural advantages and strengths for data sharing purposes. I’ve come up […]

I built and tested a GPS receiver with Natalie Be’er for our Wildlife Tracking class. Each team in our class was assigned a different module to test, so that we could compare the reliability and performance of each GPS module. GR10/MN1010 GPS Module Operating Characteristics * Typical current is 35 mA, maximum current is 40 […]