I decided to weave my own face mesh material for my burqa garment using 1/23″ wide retroreflective strips. The strips are flat, and very flexible and supple, so they are easy to manipulate and weave together. And I think this material will not be abrasive against people’s faces when they are wearing the burqa. The […]

By their very nature, monkeys are incredibly mobile. They are a self-organizing network. They are the perfect self-forming “mobile nodes”. How can we design according to wildlife constraints, and use these constraints to our advantage? I’ve been thinking lately about how to use monkeys’ natural advantages and strengths for data sharing purposes. I’ve come up […]

Redesigning the Afghan Burqa – a look that is safe, functional, and fashionable. I would like to empower burqa-wearing women by making subtle design changes and low-cost improvements to the traditional Afghan burqa to make the garment more versatile, functional, and potentially more emotive. By doing so, I hope to provide an alternative choice to […]