Our final project Channels was featured at the ITP Winter Show 2010 this past week. We had a great space for our installation in the front room to the left of the elevators. Roughly 2,000 visitors came to the show. People of all ages visited our installation and sat in our boat, and we were […]

I lived in Kabul, Afghanistan for a year from 2005 – 2006. I worked for UNDP-Afghanistan on ICT capacity building. While I was living in Afghanistan and when I returned to the United States, many people would ask me questions about my experience living in a Muslim country: Did you wear a head scarf, Did […]

I connected two FSR sensors and a push-button switch to a breadboard and Arduino, for the purpose of seeing how to read and send multiple serial outputs. First, using the Arduino and pressing on just one of the FSR sensors, I wrote code that allowed me to view the changing analog values for that sensor […]

I love Old West Shoot ’em Up games, and I wanted to create a way for people to test their quick draw shooting skills with toy pistols, so I built an interactive game called “The Quick and The Dead — Fastest Draw in The West” using the Arduino and some Processing code. GAME There are […]

I hooked up two photocell sensors and a piezo speaker to my breadboard and arduino to test analog input and tone output. First, I needed to find the maximum and minimum sensor values in order to map the range to the speaker’s pitch range. To do this, I asked the microcontroller to read the values […]

I downloaded and installed the open-source Arduino software for my Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328 USB board, and set up my breadboard with a switch (digital input) and two LEDs (digital outputs), and some resistors. I used a 10-ohm resistor for the switch, and 220-ohm resistors for my yellow and red LEDs. Using code from the lab […]