All of our playtesting and months of refinement paid off. Yamove was finally launched last month at this year’s third annual NYU “No Quarter” gaming exhibit on May 18th and at the World Science Festival in New York City on June 2nd. People loved the dance-off battle aspect of the game and the way the […]

This weekend we collected the materials and sensors for our Channels installation. Ginny, Alvin, and I piled into my Subaru wagon and spent a couple of hours scouting materials and testing structures in the Lowes shopping aisles. Once we saw the range of materials available, we were able to firm up our construction design, which […]

I connected two FSR sensors and a push-button switch to a breadboard and Arduino, for the purpose of seeing how to read and send multiple serial outputs. First, using the Arduino and pressing on just one of the FSR sensors, I wrote code that allowed me to view the changing analog values for that sensor […]

If I could create a fantasy device that would change my life, and the lives of others, I would create a topical sensor that could measure a person’s level of hydration. Another way to say this might be to call it a “dehydration sensor” that sits on top of the skin. Dehydration is essentially an […]

Sensor Walk


I’ve been walking around NYC for a week, looking for different kinds of sensors that can “read” my physical interaction. Sensors are all around us in our everyday lives. A sensor reads input from an event in the physical environment, and sends information about that event to the computer. The computer then interprets that information, […]