I saw Talk to Me, a new exhibit that opened this summer at the Museum of Modern Art, exploring “Design and the Communication between People and Objects”. I was expecting the exhibit to be more focused on interactive media and human-computer interaction design, but actually I discovered that it is about more than good interface […]

In the realm of interface design, how should web interfaces be colored, spaced, formatted, accessed, ordered, architected, and what sort of content should be where and why. Our class did an Interface Design Roundup to collect a set of useful digital design tips. Here are some tips that I’ve found useful in my work over […]

We should create designs that are appropriate to the audience, the location, and the purpose. This means that a product or service should take on a different appearance, different modes of operation, depending upon its intended function. Donald Norman talks about this idea in his book, Emotional Design, which is more of a study of […]

I am a Graduate Researcher at NYU-Polytechnic’s Social Game Lab, where we design and develop digital games and research the emotional and social effects of gaming. Currently, I am leading the user experience and user interface design team for a cooperative multiplayer game on the iPhone, using human-computer interaction (HCI) techniques and methods to determine […]